School ‘Bake Off’ for Children in Need

Front, left to right, Daisie Latter (9), Charlotte Laver (9), Emma Good (10) and Toby Baker (7). Picture: Sarah Standing (180818-9287)
Front, left to right, Daisie Latter (9), Charlotte Laver (9), Emma Good (10) and Toby Baker (7). Picture: Sarah Standing (180818-9287)
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THE CHILDREN of Horndean Church of England Junior School have been taking part in a ‘Bake Off’ competition to raise money for Children in Need.

Pupils were given the task of baking cakes which had a biblical theme.

Toby Baker (7). Picture: Sarah Standing (180818-9269)

Toby Baker (7). Picture: Sarah Standing (180818-9269)

Deputy headteacher Lou Bundy said: ‘There have been 116 children from Year 3 to Year 6 who have entered the competition. There was a real buzz of excitement when they got to see each other’s designs. The cakes are absolutely beautiful.’

Students created cakes covering characters and stories from the Bible such as Noah’s Ark, Moses and the parting of the Red Sea, Adam and Eve and feeding of the five thousand.

Five students from each year group were recognised for their baking with the top three in each year group receiving the accolade of ‘Star Baker’ with an accompanying cooking apron and cook book.

Judging the competition were ‘expert bakers’ Alison Keech and Judy Mason who bake for community functions at the local All Saints Church. The cakes were judged according to originality, biblical theme, presentation and taste.

Mrs Keech said: ‘It is an amazing standard and I have really enjoyed tasting all the cakes. I am pleased Mrs Bundy told me not to have lunch today!’

‘It has been a really difficult job to select a top three and winner in each year group,’ added Mrs Mason.

In Year 3, the aptly named Toby Baker, aged seven, won first place for his cakes depicting the 12 apostles. 

‘I like to make biscuits and so this time I made 12 individual biscuit cakes which I made into the apostles. I am really proud and surprised that I have won,’ explained Toby.

Charlotte Laver, aged nine, took top place in Year 5 for her Christmas nativity cake. 

‘I was looking at a website and saw a picture of the nativity scene. As we are coming up to Christmas I thought I would use the picture for my cake design. I am quite surprised to have won,’ said Charlotte.

Daisie Latter, aged nine, was nominated in the top five for her Adam and Eve cake representing the apple tree of temptation.

‘The cake is vanilla flavour. I did my own taster and gave myself 10 out of 10,’ said Daisie.

After the ‘Bake Off’ winners were announced, families joined the children at the school where they had the opportunity to buy the different cakes. All proceeds raised are to be donated to Children in Need.

Year 4 student, Caylin Wit, aged eight, who made an Adam’s apple jam and buttercream cake, said: ‘It is a really good idea to sell the cakes to help Children in Need.’