School rules out Red Nose Day

There was no Red Nose Day at Elson Infant School
There was no Red Nose Day at Elson Infant School
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CHILDREN across the region got into the spirit of Red Nose Day by dressing up, playing games and raising money.

But no such fun was had at Elson Infant School in Gosport, which chose to treat the popular fundraiser as just another day.

The News was contacted by a parent of a child at the school who said how disappointed his family was that the school was ignoring the day.

He said: ‘My daughter’s very upset.

‘The school has been famous for its participation in Red Nose Day, or at least it had been with the previous head.

‘At Elson Junior School next door they are having a fantastic day – they are all dressed in different colours and raising money.

‘But at the infant school they have all gone in in their school uniforms.’

The parent said Red Nose Day was an occasion children should be able to enjoy no matter where they were.

‘When you are aged between five and seven you might not grasp what Red Nose Day is but you certainly understand the idea of dressing up and raising money.

‘It’s sad for the children particularly if they’re in their last year at the school and they want to make a big thing about it. Red Nose Day is a day for the children, after all.’

The day raises money for the group Comic Relief which helps fund charitable causes across Africa and the United Kingdom.

It has raised more than £700m since 1988.

Cara Head, the acting head of school, declined to comment when contacted by The News.