School sends out letter over man’s actions

Penhale Infants School
Penhale Infants School

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A SCHOOL sent out warning letters to parents after discovering a pensioner was giving out biscuits to children from his car window.

Penhale Infant School in Fratton, Portsmouth, told parents not to let their child accept anything from strangers or people they didn’t know very well.

The message came after a parent reported she had seen a man giving out treats.

After checking out the matter, police said there was no evidence to suggest the man had carried out a criminal offence and had a criminal motive.

The letter, signed by the school’s headteacher Kate Keller, said: ‘It has been brought to my attention by a parent that an elderly gentleman that lives in the proximity of the school has been offering biscuits to children from his car window.

‘Please could you talk to your child of the importance of not accepting anything from strangers or people they do not know very well.’

The school has held an assembly about the dangers of approaching strangers.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘We received a report of a man offering sweets and biscuits to children in the Penhale Road area in Portsmouth at around 4.15pm on Friday, July 5. Police made enquiries and spoke with witnesses.

‘No criminal motives or criminal offences were identified.

‘There was no evidence to confirm any danger to the public.

‘Officers from the local Safer Neighbourhoods team patrol the Penhale Road area routinely.

‘Anyone with information about suspicious behaviour can contact police by phoning 101.’

Meanwhile, Meon Infant School, in Milton, Portsmouth, sent out letters after a woman was seen taking photographs on the junction of Euston Road and Warren Avenue. She was approached by a parent who deleted the images from her camera. Police say the incident wasn’t a criminal offence. The school’s headteacher Lynda Daish has urged families to tell the school or contact police if they notice anything suspicious.