School sleepover to raise Africa cash

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PLAIN spaghetti and porridge doesn’t automatically get the taste buds going – but 100 pupils signed up to eat it to raise money for poor children in Africa.

The youngsters aged from six to 11 at Mayville High in Southsea signed up for a sponsored school sleepover in aid of an orphanage in south Africa where many children are HIV positive or have Aids.

Belladonna Galea, seven, and her class came up with the idea after seeing a video about the charity TLC’s orphanage, which some year two pupils visited.

She said: ‘Watching the video made me cry because it was really sad and some children are dying.

‘We came up with the idea because it was good for TLC, and we thought we could help them by doing the same as them.’

Teacher Mary Jones said: ‘The children signed up despite knowing it would be plain spaghetti for supper and porridge for breakfast.

‘We hope that we will raise a sizable sum of money to send to South Africa.’