School wins award for waste management

Children of Portsmouth High School
Children of Portsmouth High School

PUPILS at Portsmouth High School have been recognised for their work on recycling and sustainability. 

Students won the award in recognition of their knowledge of dealing with environmental waste and sustainable practices of recycling.

The award was presented by Biffa, the UK’s leading recycling and waste management provider. 

The competition was judged on the ‘Dustbin Debate’ which involved students assessing issues of waste management in the fictional town of Biffaborough and putting together a plan of environmental management.

Headmistress, Jane Prescott, said: ‘We were so pleased to be one of the schools selected to win the workshops and have Biffa share their knowledge about waste management and recycling.’

“It was also great to see the girls learn valuable skills such as responsibility and team work.’

Secondary schools contribute to the UK’s waste by generating on average 22 kg per pupil per year. Whilst 80 percent of this could be recycled only 20 percent actually is.

Biffa’s regional manager, Mike Cunningham, said: ‘We strongly believe inspiring the next generation to develop new ways of eliminating waste is key to creating a more sustainable planet. We’re pleased the girls of Portsmouth High School have learned valuable lessons to implement not only at school but also at home.’