Schools will see return of crossing patrols

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TWO schools will see the return of their lollipop man after being without him for weeks.

Court Lane Infants and Court Lane Junior schools have been without crossing patrols for two weeks after the lollipop man was signed off sick.

But the council has announced that he will be returning after the Easter break.

‘I’m happy he’s coming back, no-one there at all would be a nightmare,’ said Kerry Williams who has children at both schools.

‘Someone is better than no-one but it would be good if they could get more.’

The area has been plagued by traffic problems with speeding cars and congestion and parents have called for more safety measures to be introduced.

The return of the lollipop man will ease problems at the junction of Hilary Avenue and Court Lane.

n A story in yesterday’s News stated that the lollipop man had been off for several months. He has in fact been off since March 23.