Should energy drinks be allowed in schools?

Some of the energy drinks children like to buy.
Some of the energy drinks children like to buy.

It has been declared that energy drinks are bad for our health, but their position in schools is still unclear.

Energy drinks are such a common thing you see young people drinking, but should we be allowed to drink them in school?

There is currently a ban at Crofton School on energy drinks and fizzy drinks in general.

I asked my headteacher to see how he feels about energy drinks and their affects.

Simon Harrison said: ‘I don’t think they should be allowed because of the effect in the classroom.’

Mr Harrison feels there should be an age limit on the purchase of energy drinks.

‘I think 16 is the age we start to make own decisions in life, for example, at 16 you can by energy drinks but I think pupils just have to understand the consequence of their actions,’ he said.

When asked if he personally drinks energy drinks, Mr Harrison said: ‘No because I think they are a bad influence to the younger society who will then think it is right.’

Research has shown that almost half of energy drinks increase blood pressure and heart rate which is really dangerous for children in particular.

Thomas Milham