Siblings’ joint fashion brand is going global

Jenika and Shanil Gudka
Jenika and Shanil Gudka
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IT isn’t uncommon to see siblings arguing, in many cases over trivial matters.

But for Jenika and Shanil Gudka, they spent their childhood years planning to get rich.

Now the siblings have launched an e-commerce fashion brand which is already receiving global interest.

Jenika, 22, graduated from the University of Portsmouth this year having studied International Business.

Her brother Shanil, 21, has one year left on the same course.

According to the siblings, their brand, The Wolfe London Ltd, has accumulated a vast list of suppliers and customers while they were travelling on their placement years.

Jenika spent her time abroad hosting corporate events for GSMA, a body that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide.

Meanwhile, Shanil has been building his social media platforms and learned Chinese to grow a professional network.

Shanil said: ‘The opportunity to build a global network was invaluable.

‘Some of the contacts we both made are now some of our suppliers and some of them we hope to turn into customers.

‘There’s no substitute for getting out there and talking to people.’

Janika said: ‘Launching our own business has been a long-term ambition for both of us, almost since we were children.

‘We’ve always known that we would do something together, it was just a case of what and when.

‘We’ve both been saving hard and at this point in our lives we’re able to start something original and see where it takes us.’

The Wolfe London range, inspired by the film The Wolf of Wall Street, is aimed at 16-35 year olds, with stock already arriving to fulfil orders from customers.

International business lecturer Mike Buchan said: ‘It’s a tough course but Jenika graduated with a first, and with Shanil entering his final year we’ve already arranged for him to deliver some workshops for the other students.

‘I’ve no doubt they will succeed and I wish them the very best.’