Silver Surfers get ‘cool’ rating from grandchildren

Year Six students and teachers from Brockhurst Primary School in Gosport

Relaxed vibes are ‘great’ for exam results, say pupils

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PRIMARY schoolchildren gave grandparents a lesson in computers – and even rewarded them with certificates to congratulate their newfound ‘cool’ status.

The seven and eight-year-olds at Crofton Hammond Juniors in Stubbington spent the afternoon showing a group of ‘Silver Surfers’ what they had learnt to do on the computer such as creating pictures, using search engines and accessing educational programmes.

Karen Laggan, year three teacher and ICT manager, hailed the second annual event a huge success.

She said: ‘The children really enjoyed showing their grandparents what they could do on the computer – some of the grandparents didn’t know anything at all about computers.

‘Computers are an excellent tool for motivating and engaging children and we make good use of them to support learning.

‘We wanted to show just how computer literate our youngsters are and how well prepared they are for the 21st century.

‘For those grandparents who had never visited the school before, it was also a lovely opportunity to show them around.’

She added: ‘At the end of the afternoon, the children awarded their grandparents with certificates which gave them official “cool” status for learning about computers.’