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  • Winning entry published online and in quarterly magazine
  • Competition open to 14-18 year-olds
  • Choice of three topics
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Budding young writers are encouraged to put pen to paper as Solent NHS Trust launches its own creative writing competition.

The trust, which provides community and specialist mental health services, wants to hear from those aged between 14-18 with a passion for the written word.

The free-to-enter competition is the first of its kind to be run by the Trust and aims to get young people thinking about their local NHS by writing health-inspired literary works.

Writers have three topics to choose from: the importance of keeping fit and having a healthy balanced diet, the stresses young people face in everyday life or an inspiring piece about the great work our nurses, doctors/ healthcare professionals do.

Solent’s marketing and communications apprentice Emilia Chase said: ‘The writer can pick their style, whether it is a poem, an article for a magazine, a debate, a personal blog or a motivational speech.

‘I hope this will give the writers the chance to be really creative and showcase their skills.’

The winning piece will be published on the Trust’s website and in its quarterly magazine SHINE.

To enter you must be aged between 14-18 and live in Hampshire.

All entries have to be in by October 20, with the winners announced at the end of November.

For more details on how to enter, visit