Spanish cooking is the way to students’ hearts

COOKING Mayfield pupils
COOKING Mayfield pupils

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LANGUAGE GCSE students had a taste of Spanish culture during cookery lessons.

The 14 and 15-year-olds at Mayfield School in North End traded textbooks for saucepans, eggs and potatoes as they went about making classic Spanish omelettes.

Spanish teacher Isabel Nunez, who guided them through the cooking session, said she was thrilled with their levels of enthusiasm.

She said: ‘All the students focused for those two hours and made some fantastic omelettes which they all ate and enjoyed very much.

‘We had the choice of making an omelette or paella, but I felt the omelette would be cheaper and more straightforward.

‘It was something a bit different and even the students who are sometimes a bit cheeky in the classroom took on the challenge seriously and made some delicious food.’

She added: ‘There is so much more to learning a language than speaking it – the culture is so important. In Spain, food is a big part of our culture which is based around the family. Women in general are good cooks.’

This is the first year Spanish has been introduced to Mayfield.

Matthew Stedman, deputy head, said: ‘When you think a quarter of the world speaks Spanish it’s much more relevant for students than French is – and we have found our students really enjoy learning it.’