Stubbington children rewind time to get a Victorian education

More advice, say students

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CHILDREN were whisked back in time to the era of the Victorians to get a better understanding of their history.

The Year Five youngsters at Meoncross School in Stubbington dressed in 19th century clothes and rags to have strict sessions in arithmetic, science, handwriting and compulsory gruel eating.

They even received a visit from the school inspector who put them through their paces, reviewing their knowledge of the 10 commandments among other texts.

One youngster who failed to get an answer right was forced to wear the dunce’s cap for added humiliation.

John Webster, one of the teachers in charge on the day, said: ‘It was exhausting for all of us who had to stay in character, but it was a great experience for the children.

‘They were able to get a good feel for what education in the Victorian times was like.

‘In those days school was a lot stricter.

‘I’m sure our children were very relieved to go home when the day was over and they could go back to enjoying the comforts of modern life.’

During the day, pupils wrote on slates and using dip pens and ink to write in copybooks, and they explored artefacts like toys that would have featured in a Victorian classroom.