Stubbington pupils do their bit for the Philippines

GENEROUS From left, Mark Nash 12, Emily Scott, 12, and Rose Lockhart, 13. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133452-1)
GENEROUS From left, Mark Nash 12, Emily Scott, 12, and Rose Lockhart, 13. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133452-1)

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WHEN children at a Stubbington school heard about the damage caused by the typhoon in the Philippines, they decided to do something to help.

The group of children at Crofton School have bought presents for children, and practical items for adults, including soap and towels.

The group, who all have parents in the armed forces, also bought tins of sweets to be distributed to the crew on board the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious which is helping with the relief operation there.

Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines last month, killing 4,000 people and leaving many more homeless.

Trudie Bailey is the school nurse and helped organise the project. She said: ‘The children came up with the idea.

‘With Christmas coming they were thinking that they were going to have all these presents and the children in the Philippines would have nothing.

‘It’s brilliant. They have achieved so much in such a short space of time.’

Headteacher Ciaran O’Dowda said: ‘I’m immensely proud because they have decided to do this themselves without being prompted by the staff here.

‘As they come from service backgrounds, they are well aware of the work their parents do when they are on deployment.’

Emily Scott, 12, is in Year 8 and her dad Julian is in the Royal Navy.

She said: ‘It’s good because we are sending stuff to people on the ships over Christmas, and we’re helping out people in the Philippines with presents.

‘What’s happened there is terrible with all these kids that have lost everything.

‘You know you are helping even if you have just bought them some soap.’

Rose Lockhart, is also 13 and in Year 8.

Her dad also serves in the Royal Navy.

She said: ‘It gives them hope. By sending them presents it’s just giving them reassurance that it will be okay.’