Student acts responsibly about his video games

Billy Long
Billy Long
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A seven-year-old pupil at The Flying Bull Academy is getting rid of his video games as a result of what he learned on Safer Internet Day.

The day involved many activities for the children based around themes of staying safe online, identifying technology and the nature of social media and its impact on peoples wellbeing.

The section on PEGI video game ratings was designed to educate the pupils about what to look out for when buying games.

Chriss McGlone-Atkinson, the network manager at The Flying Bull Academy, explained: ‘As a result of this part of the day Billy Long in year 3 came to see me the following day to explain that he had gone home and identified all of his age-inappropriate games with a view to selling them as he now realises they are unsuitable.

‘Along with this, he also brought a few in to explain to the rest of his class why these games are not suitable for them either.

‘The Flying Bull Academy could not be more proud that this responsible young man took steps to protect himself as a result of what he’d learned.

‘Thankfully this is just one of many examples of responsible gaming I have now heard.’