Students are left to run hotel – and no-one spots the difference!

South Downs College students at Langstone Hotel Megan Penketh (17) Left Natasha Tindale (17) Right
South Downs College students at Langstone Hotel Megan Penketh (17) Left Natasha Tindale (17) Right

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LETTING college students loose on a four-star hotel for a whole weekend may not be everyone’s idea of a smart move.

But when 60 South Downs youngsters took on the running of the Langstone Hotel in Hayling Island the service was so good most of the guests did not even notice they were being waited on by amateurs.

In the words of the hotel’s manager Clint Marsh ‘the students did the hotel, the college and themselves proud’.

Ryan Humphrey, 19, was appointed general manager.

He said: ‘It was a real triumph and I’m so proud of all the students – they excelled themselves.

‘I was working closely with the hotel staff, moving from one part of the hotel to the next making sure everything was in order.

‘And then when I wasn’t running around like a headless chicken, I tried to be at the reception to give guests a friendly welcome’.

Sofie Bailey, 20, a final year beauty therapy student gave such a good treatment she was rewarded with a £60 tip.

She said: ‘The feedback was excellent – the clients said it was the best treatment they’d ever had.’

Sandy Lowe, 19, so impressed the hotel as operations manager he was offered a paid job of assistant operations manager.

He said: ‘It was absolutely fantastic and the feedback we had from guests and staff was amazing.

‘It was my job to check up on everyone and liaise with other managers.

‘I also helped co-ordinate functions like a wedding reception and carried out the fire checks.’

Clint Marsh, general manager at The Langstone, hailed the experiment an ‘outstanding success’.

He said: ‘A lot of our customers didn’t even know they were being attended to by students and those who did were very complimentary with lots of positive feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate in doing the project again.’