Students’ design for wall-printer in awards

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TWO students who designed a robotic machine that can print walls have been shortlisted for an award.

Ali Bobaker and Pablo Arcelino de Lima, second year civil engineering students at the University of Portsmouth, are nominated in The Telegraph 2015 STEM Awards.

Ali said: ‘Our machine is like a 3D printer which uses concrete. We know there are already some machines out there that can do this but ours is different because it has no limitations – it can work with any size or shape of construction.

‘We’re both civil engineering students so are interested in design and construction and were excited by this competition, which has allowed us to think about building in the future with minimal or no human intervention.’

The pair are just one of five entries to be shortlisted in the competition.

Now they face presenting their design to engineering consultant Atkins, which has sponsored the award.

Dr Dominic Fox, from the university, said: ‘I’m incredibly proud of Ali and Pablo.’