Students give adults plant tips

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THE joys of gardening and finding answers to horticultural questions on the internet were introduced to a group of residents over the age of 50.

All 24 men and women spent an afternoon with students from the University of Portsmouth for a gardening workshop at the John Pounds Centre, Portsea.

Everyone was taught to pot herbs, indoor flowers and vegetables.

The students, aged between 19 and 22, were also able to show residents how to search the internet to find answers to the questions they didn’t know.

Moira Foster, 62, said: ‘I’ve never grown a thing. It was exciting to try something new. I found the students supportive and they made me feel relaxed.’

Shelley Davies, volunteer co-ordinator from the university, said: ‘The day was a great success.

‘Everyone had a great time planting veg, herbs and flowers and learning about the internet.

‘For those who planted pots with seeds they got to take them home as a reminder of the day.’

This event will be repeated on Thursday, March 10, from 10.30am until 1.30pm.