Students give free internet workshop

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STUDENTS will turn the tables by going in front of the class to teach internet skills to the ‘technologically challenged’.

They will give free lessons to over-50s who want to learn how to shop on the web and catch up with family and friends by email.

The internet workshop will be held at 10.30am on Thursday, March 10 at the John Pounds Centre in Queens Street, Portsea, Portsmouth.

It has been organised by University of Portsmouth students’ union and they will spend the morning giving crash courses in three aspects of computer skills.

The first will guide you through shopping online – how to do your research, pay and get items delivered to your door. It will include supermarket shopping.

The second will demonstrate how to set up emails, getting your own account, writing and sending them as well as reading and responding to them.

The final session will show how to communicate over the internet, using webcams and conversation programmes.