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A GROUP of students have spent some time in America delivering a series of theatre workshops.

The performing arts students, from the University of Chichester, spent 10 days in Oregon.

The six final-year students developed a series of theatre workshops that were then delivered to young people in the American Indian reservation in Grand Ronde.

The workshops were designed to be continued by young people in Grand Ronde now that the Chichester students have returned to the UK.

Student Alex Neumann said: ’Working with the Native American students was such an eye opener for me, not only from gaining confidence in running workshops but learning the students’ culture and way of life.

‘The Native Americans were so friendly, welcoming and so proud to share their culture with us and also showed great interest in our culture.’

Louie Jenkins added: ‘Young people listen to their peers for guidance, especially around sensitive subjects such as relationships and they can talk about it without it sounding patronising.

‘It’s about mutual respect and the message stands a better chance of getting through if people of the same age are talking about these issues.’

Education manager of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde April Campbell said: ‘It was fabulous to see students work together from the two cultures.

‘Our staff and youth enjoyed learning more about life in England and were able to share parts of the tribe’s culture with the university students.’