Students prepared to take on the threat of cyber sea monsters

Flick Drummond with, from left: Lily, Amelie Georgia and Phoebe
Flick Drummond with, from left: Lily, Amelie Georgia and Phoebe
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Nowadays the threat of cyberbullying is prevalent in the minds of many young people.

But primary pupils from Portsmouth High and Bosmere School are ready for the dangers that may lie ahead of them online.

The pupils have completed their GoFISH training, which means they are fully equiped to take on the cyber sea monsters in the world – and help other students stay safe as well.

The eight year five and six pupils have become the first cyber ambassadors, and will be helping the Police and Crime Commisioner’s Youth Commision to pilot the new scheme.

The aim of this new scheme is to enable skilled-up, informed pupils to educate and offer advice and support to their peers so they can make the most of the internet and stay safe.

Portsmouth High and Bosmere School are two of 16 primary and seconday schools to volunteer for the scheme.

At the training session the children learned the sneaky tricks that cyberbullis can employ, using the guises of cyber sea monsters such as selphire (selfies); meanataur (cyberbullying); angler (searching); info-eator (privacy) and bi-diphorus (befriending).

They learned ways to combat them and the harm they cause.

Acting Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Flick Drummond, said: ‘Our children need more resilience than ever before to combat the ever increasing online threats.’

Portsmouth High Junior School headmaster Paul Marshallsay said: ‘To equip our young with tactics and strategies to stay safe online is extremely important

‘These young cyber ambassadors will be better equipped to help identify issues and help their friends and fellow pupils to stay safe when using the intenet and social media.’