Students rewarded for new town plans with cash prize

An artist's impression of Welborne
An artist's impression of Welborne

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ARCHITECTURE students have been rewarded after they drew up theoretical plans for a new 6,000-home town in the north of Fareham.

The group of seven students, from the University of Portsmouth, were each given £500 after they designed plans for the proposed town of Welborne.

Dr Fabiano Lemes, who co-runs the architecture and urbanism unit, said: ‘This project has been a very intense process for the students, they did incredibly well, we couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the unit.

‘To be able to present their work to a panel of experts of this calibre is a fantastic opportunity and will help prepare them for their employment after university.

‘We’re all extremely proud of them.’

Councillor Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council, said: ‘They put in a tremendous amount of work and effort and we are very grateful for them to be able to produce such an interesting project.

‘We know the landowners were very interested in the designs they had and we are very grateful for them taking the trouble and time to make the plans as outstanding as they were.’

The students presented their plans through elaborate models and designs of both group work and individual projects within one collective effort as a part of their masters course.

The design was concentrated largely around the agricultural aspects of the area, healthy living and sustainability.

There was also a focus on public green space, renewable energy aspects of the town and the creation of an identity based around a centralised market 

Although the work was only theoretical, students say they were overwhelmed by its recognition from those working on the real plans.

Student David Stark said: ‘It’s great to see a project which we’ve put so much effort into being recognised by real peers, it doesn’t happen often.

‘The prize money is an added bonus.’

Studio leader, Lorraine Farrelly, organiser of the event, added: ‘The important point to take away from this is that our students’ work has been recognised by a real client.

‘It has proven the students’ capability and the tremendous professional value of their work.’

Since the event, the students have been invited to participate in further discussions about their proposed plans with the landowners.