Students take on challenge to live below the poverty line for a day

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Jean Everitt from Friends of the Earth, Cllr Trevor Cartwright, Cllr Rob Humby, Cllr Graham Burgess, Jean MacGrory from Hampshire County Council with Callum Manson, Thomas Houghton and Skye Maccoll from Rowner Junior School. Picture: David George

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Geography students were set a challenge to live below the poverty line.

The youngsters from South Downs College were tasked with spending just £1 on food and drinks for a day.

The A-level students spent time considering the varying living conditions of people around the world and how the majority of the globe’s resources are concentrated in wealthier countries.

Friends and family sponsored the students to complete their day of living below the poverty line.

The students approached the challenge in different ways.

Dylan Heathcote teamed up with a couple of friends – they used their £3 to buy two loaves of tiger bread.

Dylan said: ‘I actually felt ill by the end of the day – just eating bread is really difficult. If I took the challenge again I would try to buy some different things so that I at least had some variety.’

Hannah Goddard added: ‘I bought a few different value-range items from the supermarket and then worked out the price for each item in a packet.

‘I was able to have quite a variety of food but I did only have a slice of toast at lunch so that I could have more food at dinner.’

The students raised more than £600 which will be donated to the charity Plan, which supports children across the world orphaned by HIV and Aids.