Students threatened with expulsion over acts of vandalism

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HAVING FUN A typical Thursday night in Guildhall Walk
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UNIVERSITY of Portsmouth students who are blamed for the worst ever levels of anti-social disorder have been told to behave – or face being kicked out.

The students have been blamed for acts of vandalism including uprooting a tree, urinating and vomiting in streets and pulling off car wipers, as well as making a lot of noise into the early hours of the morning.

John Craven, the vice-chancellor and Amy Baker, president of the student union, have sent a stern email to students following a large number of complaints.

They said: ‘The complaints involve unacceptable conduct which not only brings the university into disrepute and causes embarrassment to individuals, but also involves criminal behaviour.

‘The university does not condone or tolerate any action which disturbs residential areas or affects businesses in Portsmouth, including damaging cars, urinating/defecating in the streets or being abusive to anyone who challenges this behaviour.

‘In the past some students have been excluded from the university in these circumstances.’

Amy, 22, said the level of complaints were higher than ever before. She said: ‘Every year there is some disruption when students arrive, but this year the bad behaviour seems to have stepped up.

‘If students are caught they will face disciplinary action which could lead to expulsion.

‘Exclusion is not a laughing matter – it will affect your degree and other universities will also be made aware of the reasons for it.’

Gerry Oldfield, 65, of Elm Grove, said: ‘In the last 40 years there has been varying noise levels from students, but this year has been far the worst. I woke up one morning and found vomit all over the front of my car. ’

Neighbour Jessica Cliff, 63, said: ‘The students have been an absolute nightmare. They’ve ripped up the tree in the front garden and they’ve tapped on windows late at night.’

Gordon Lister, 72, also of Elm Grove, said: ‘I’ve seen students urinating in the communal alley way. I’ve had to hose it down.’

Former maths teacher Tony Spender, 65, of Green Road, who recently caught a youth trying to pull off his car wipers, said:

‘A lot of the students think they can get away with it because they’re away from home for the first time.’