Students’ university concept is a big winner

Portsmouth school launches postcard art project

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STUDYING medicine in Africa, the performing arts in New York, science in Scandinavia and maths in Japan.

Doing degrees in the country that best suits the subject is what youngsters at Brune Park Community College in Gosport came up with to win a University of Southampton prize.

Rebecca Francis, 15, Dana Smith, 15, Paige Blackstock, 14, Hayley Newell, 15, and Dan Ward, 15, beat teams from 13 other schools who entered the ‘university concept’ competition.

They are part of the university’s Learn with US mentoring scheme which pairs them with undergraduates.

Alexandra Blinkhorne-Mason, Brune Park’s able student co-ordinator, said: ‘It’s an amazing achievement. I’m incredibly proud of the students.

‘They came up with a great idea and they thought hard about the needs of each subject.

‘We already have degrees that offer a year abroad so the concept could certainly work as part of a four-year course.’