Students visit China for design project

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The Vanguard Centre, in Cosham, where work is taking place to transform it into a new school for the city.

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THREE Portsmouth architecture students have teamed up with others to design plans for a new city centre in a Chinese Province.

Liam Whitfield, Martyn Webb and Joshua Cherry, from the University of Portsmouth, visited China for two weeks as part of the British Council’s Sino-UK collaborative programme.

The masters students had to come up with proposals for the redesign of an area in the city of Harbin, Heiliongjiang Province.

The programme aims to establish a partnership between UK and Chinese universities so students can strike up cross-cultural conversations in design.

It included a students’ workshop on urban design, public lectures and a short-term internship for UK students in a local urban design institution.

Liam said: ‘It was fascinating to spend time in Harbin; it is an exciting and friendly yet chaotic place.

‘Our stay allowed us to experience not just the city but to appreciate Chinese education at Harbin Institute of Technology.’