Sun powers Trojan horse

From left, Paul Stanley, Jo Crisp, George Heasman, Mercedes Bevan, Luke Galea and Bethany Bevan from Highbury College

Chefs of the future help out the homeless

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SCHOOLCHILDREN are harnessing the sun’s power for a competition.

Pupils from two Havant schools will test their ingenuity in the Solar Challenge.

They have been tasked with creating objects that run on solar power, encouraging them to look at different ways to become more eco-friendly in the future.

Bidbury Junior School, in Fraser Road, designed a Jubilee Water Transporter to help Third World countries by reducing the need for people to walk miles carrying their water.

Pupils at Front Lawn Junior School, in Broadmere Avenue recently studied the Trojans in history so decided to build a solar-powered Trojan horse.

The final, sponsored by SIG Energy Management, will be held at Intech in Winchester on July 4.