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CHILDREN were taught the moves of a superhero by Sportacus, star of popular children’s television show LazyTown.

The action hero visited youngsters at Milton Park Children’s Centre, Southsea, after workers there won a national competition called Change4Life, which aims to get kids active.

GET ACTIVE TV superhero Sportacus with the children of Milton Park Children's Centre. Picture: Malcolm Wells (123396-3914)

GET ACTIVE TV superhero Sportacus with the children of Milton Park Children's Centre. Picture: Malcolm Wells (123396-3914)

They invited children from Milton Park pre-school and infant school to join them and together the youngsters took part in dance and physical activities and games.

They also learned from the superhero all about ‘sports candy’ which is his name for fruit and vegetables.

Kath Carter, senior child and family support

co-ordinator, said: ‘The children really enjoyed it, especially the infants.

‘They were all talking about his sports candy and telling their parents everything he had done with them when they were collected at the end of the day.

‘They watch him on the telly so they know who he is and were very excited to meet him.’

Sportacus talked through the advantages of sport and physical activity with the children as part of the nursery’s health kick scheme.

After hearing the superhero was on his way, the centre launched its Physical Fun Time project which allows people to rent out the nursery’s physical activity equipment, games and apparatus for 45 minutes.

Kath added: ‘Not all families have gardens these days.

‘A lot of them live in flats and don’t want to use parks because of dogs and strangers.

‘This is a safe environment for them to play in and enjoy the benefits of physical activity even if they don’t have the space to do so at home.’

‘We find it difficult to engage parents in physical activities because a lot of them don’t want to do it.

‘They are happy for the kids to do it and they will watch, but that means they’re not getting the benefits of working together and the kids don’t have a role model to encourage them into sport.

‘We’re hoping that Sportacus will act as our role model and encourage them to get involved.’

Physical Fun Time runs from 9.30am to 3pm every Wednesday. For more information, call (023) 9282 7392.