Teachers defend school strike action during Portsmouth protest

Teachers protest in Commercial Road, Portsmouth Picture: Miles O'Leary
Teachers protest in Commercial Road, Portsmouth Picture: Miles O'Leary
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DEFIANT teachers have made a stand against what they say is increasing pressure piled on them by the government as the first wave of school strike action got under way today.

NUT members have gathered in Commercial Road, Portsmouth waving placards, flags and banners in a bid to spread the message that they deserve fairer conditions and contracts and that crippling cuts to their work are wrong.

Speeches have been delivered and teacher representatives have spoke up about the need to be united.

Local teacher Jane Backhouse said: ‘This isn’t about my terms and conditions, it’s about the government cutting the funding to schools which is going to affect the children I teach, and my own children.’

Mum Mandy Webb, said: ‘We all need to support this cause. The whole thing with the academies is ruining education, it’s all about profit.’

Anti-cuts campaigner Jon Woods led chants against austerity.

He said: ‘The Tories are playing politics with children’s education.’