Testing the resilience of animals

Portsmouth school launches postcard art project

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PUPILS at Portsmouth Grammar School explored what would happen to our best-loved species in an onslaught of global disasters.

Biology teacher Jenni Dunne designed The Week After Tomorrow project which investigated the results of climate change and an explosion in the human population.

Every pupil in years five to 13 – including Sophie McQuillane, 17, and Francesca Reid, 18 (pictured) was given a badge depicting one of twelve animals including polar bear, a boa constrictor, a killer whale, a golden lion and a snowy owl from three habitats; the Arctic, the savannah and the rainforest.

In the course of a week, students and staff witnessed a series of escalating global catastrophes. As the crises affected the animals, pupils collected stickers which they could use at the end to calculate whether or not their animals survived extinction.

Miss Dunne said: ‘I hope it was an interesting way for everyone to see the potential damage that climate change could be causing to the world.

‘I look forward to the possibility that one of them may even discover a new solution to these problems.’