Third book in sci-fi trilogy completed by Chichester uni lecturer

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A LECTURER is celebrating the publication of the third and final novel in his sci-fi trilogy.

Steven Popper, from the University of Chichester’s education department, follows The Day of Transformation and The Night of Decision with The Hour of Revelation.

The novel is set thousands of years into the future and follows the story of a child who will either bring about the end of the world – or prevent it.

Steven said: ‘Sci-fi has always been a love of mine because it allows writers and readers to play “what would happen if?”.

‘The first book was written purely for the delight in trying to construct a book that contained everything I enjoy about other people’s books.

‘After that, the characters and stories had a life of their own.’

Steven also drew on his own life to help shape characters including heroine Shenaria Calvert. He said: ‘Shenaria is based on someone I know. It has been great fun playing with her identity, but also trying to be true to the terrific qualities she has in a deeply fantastical setting.’

The Hour of Revelation, published by Authorhouse, is available from Amazon and other book retailers.