‘This had a huge impact on their lives’

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AFTER spending three treacherous months in Nepal, a teacher has returned home and wants to thank those who helped him raise thousands of pounds to provide live-saving support to villagers.

For 12 weeks, Joe Moreton from Fareham led a group of volunteers from across the UK in their expedition to provide much-needed water access to the village of Gorkha.

The 37-year-old said: ‘Returning home gives you a sense of reverse-culture shock. I’m so lucky to have water so readily available to me.

‘We don’t have to walk half a mile to use the toilet or get drinking water.’

In 2015, the Gorkha region was devastated by an earthquake which killed nearly 9,000 people.

Three months after the natural disaster had hit, Joe booked a ticket to visit the village.

He said: ‘I couldn’t believe the devastation – buildings had collapsed, roads were destroyed. It was harrowing.’

Upon returning home from the eye-opening trip, Joe organized various charity events including walking 72 miles from the Nepalese Embassy back to his home and raised enough money to return to Gorkha for three months in February of this year.

He added: ‘We were able to build a water tank, dig out and fit hundreds of metres of pipeline throughout the village, add cleaning facilities, taps and more toilets for some houses that didn’t have them.

‘I want to thank those who read the article posted by The News about my charity work and donated.

‘I’m so thankful.

‘The people in Nepal are the friendliest you could ever meet, and this had a huge impact on their lives’.