Trial for iPad is a big hit for kids at school

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A SCHOOL in Catherington is taking part in a nationwide trial to use iPads in lessons.

Kingscourt School is taking part in the iPad Learning Programme, which seeks to bring tablet devices into each area of the school’s curriculum.

Year 6 pupils have been using iPads in their lessons since early this year and, working with their teachers, have begun to hone their research skills.

They have been using iPads in English, maths, science, geography, history and religious studies.

Jacky Easton, headteacher, said it’s been successful so far.

‘We have seen many episodes of “wildfire learning” within the classroom,’ she said.

‘This is when a child makes a new discovery or learns how to do something new on the iPad and rapidly shares their knowledge with the rest of the class. Everyone wants as much knowledge as they can possibly gain and it makes for a very collaborative learning atmosphere.

‘iPad learning is very visual, exciting and thrilling. Children have instant access to an enormous amount of well-censored information and apps which we have carefully screened beforehand.’