Troubled teens would be a ‘bad influence on little kids’ if moved to new Gosport site

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BAD behaviour and drugs are reasons why a centre for troubled teens should not be moved next to a Gosport primary school, claims one of their students.

Yasmin Hamilton, 16, at Quayside Education Centre – proposed to move to the Woodcot Primary site – says ‘it’s just not right to put our centre next to little kids’.

Plans to relocate the centre have already met fierce opposition from parents who fear their children would be put at risk.

Yasmin, who has attended Quayside since November 2010 when she was excluded from Bridgemary School for getting into fights, said: ‘No matter how high they build the walls to separate us, kids will always be able to hear swearing, the slamming of doors and people kicking off.

‘People bring drugs into the school, and we have had visits from police in the past. This place shouldn’t be anywhere near a primary. It’s a bad influence.’

Yasmin conducted a small survey at the centre to see if her feelings were shared – and 19 out of 20 fellow students said they too disagreed with the move.

She suggests Brookers Field would be a better location for a new unit.

Meanwhile, parents who attended a meeting with school and council staff on Tuesday to discuss the proposals remain unhappy.

Mum of two pupils Karen Headley, 44, said: ‘I asked will the Quayside children be transported to and from the premises – and if one of the children with behavioural issues kicks off, would staff be able to physically stop them from leaving the unit? The answer was no.’

Woodcot head June Kershaw insists the new unit would be sealed off from primary pupils and is inviting worried parents to attend surgeries with a county inclusion officer next week.

Roy Perry, Hampshire’s education boss said: ‘Whilst I will not ignore what the young lady has to say, we should pay close attention to what the headship at Woodcot says – there would be no problems created for her pupils.

‘We have to be careful not to demonise Quayside children. They will get a much better environment in their new premises.’