Tweet favourite Dickens quotes to mark birthday

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READERS are being urged to tweet their favourite Charles Dickens quote to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Portsmouth-born author’s birthday on February 7.

Hampshire Police, Portsmouth Football Club, actor Simon Callow and the University of Portsmouth are just a few of those who will be tweeting their favourite lines from the literary legend.

It is being organised by Portsmouth City Council

Its literature development officer Dom Kippin said: ‘Dickens is a household name, but we want even more people to get to know his work.

‘He was one of the greatest Victorians, but he also continues to be our contemporary – we still sometimes see the world as a “Dickensian” place. Like Shakespeare, Dickens was a natural storyteller who knew how to work an audience, telling stories and creating timeless characters who stay with you.

‘If people get to know what a witty and poignant writer he was through his quotes, then they might be more likely to read one of his books.

‘Of course you don’t just have to scour books to find your favourite line, there are plenty of helpful websites which list his quotes.’

Memorable Dickens quotes include ‘procrastination is the thief of time, collar him’, ‘please, sir, I want some more’ and ‘regrets are the natural property of grey hairs’.

Tweet your quote and include @portsmouthtoday #dickens.