Twins leave University of Portsmouth with first degrees

Pupils from Portsmouth and Horndean schools compete in tech contest

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IDENTICAL twin sisters Hannah and Emmal Safi both graduated with first class honours degrees in applied physics from the University of Portsmouth.

The girls have also both won PhD places at different universities. Hannah will study biosciences at University College London and Emmal will study astrophysics at Keele University.

Originally from Newcastle, the girls were both home schooled by their parents until the age of 16, when they attended Brockenhurst College. They now both live at home in Southampton and commute to Portsmouth.

They have never lived apart before, and are both anxious and excited at the prospect.

Emmal said: ‘It will definitely be strange at first. We spend a lot of time together because we have the same friends, so it will be weird not knowing anyone.

‘We also have a lot of similar interests, we love badminton and regularly spend time walking in the New Forest. To not see each other at all is going to be really difficult.’