University boss: I do not claim expenses

University of Portsmouth vice-chancellor John Craven
University of Portsmouth vice-chancellor John Craven
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THE vice-chancellor of the University of Portsmouth has revealed that his salary has remained unchanged for the last three years and that he has no expenses claims to his name.

As some other university bosses across the country are taken to task for perks and grace-and-favour homes, Prof Craven, who earns £196,000 a year, travels second class on the train and lives in his own property at Rogate, near Petersfield.

His 400-year-old home – the oldest in the village – is a source of interest for architecture students who visit it regularly.

Prof Craven told The News: ‘I’m afraid I’m a little boring. I’ve got no extravagant expenses.

‘I drive into work in my Mini, I don’t have a driver, when I travel by train I go second class, and my house is my own.’

Prof Craven’s record contrasts with that of the University of York’s vice-chancellor Brian Cantor who was criticised by his student newspaper York Vision after claiming more than £50,000 in expenses last year.

The university said the claims related to activities which were essential to maintain its global standing.