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EMPLOYEES need to be able to work on a global stage, not just in their local environment, a human resources expert told an international technology conference.

Dr Liza Howe-Walsh, from the University of Portsmouth, discussed global competencies and how to foster the softer skills needed for business at the International Conference on Technology and Business Management in Dubai.

She told the audience of leaders in the technology industry that a key indicator of global competitiveness was the development of soft skills.

She said: ‘People began to lose relationship skills when they do everything online, especially if you work in IT and have offices around the globe.

‘You need to work out how other people are communicating and come to a common ground – you need to learn to not take offence when none was intended.’

Dr Howe-Walsh’s colleague Dr Sarah Turnbull also presented research at the conference, discussing career choices made by women in the United Arab Emirates.

She added: ‘We were able to raise the profile of the university in the Middle East and begin forging future research opportunities.’