University of Portsmouth boss criticised for 20 per cent pay rise

Vice-chancellor Graham Galbraith
Vice-chancellor Graham Galbraith
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THE University of Portsmouth has come under fire for awarding its vice-chancellor a 20 per cent pay rise.

Professor Graham Galbraith received a whopping pay increase, revealed in a report released today by the University and College Union.

His salary rose from £217,909 to £271,558, making him one of 18 vice-chancellors to be given a salary hike of more than 10 per cent.

The UCU has hit out at the pay rise given the recent national pay dispute that saw staff take industrial action to force a two per cent pay deal.

Moray McAulay, the UCU’s regional official, said: ‘Many staff and students will be amazed at the size of the vice-chancellor’s pay increase, especially as it came at a time when staff were having to take strike action just to secure a two per cent pay rise.

‘The university should have to explain such a massive pay rise and it is unacceptable that it is refusing to release minutes of the shadowy remuneration committee that sets the boss’s pay.

‘The time has come for proper transparency of senior pay in universities.’

The UCU and The News asked the University of Portsmouth for a copy of minutes from its remuneration committee – the committee tasked with determining the pay of the vice-chancellor – but this was refused.

The UCU report found Prof Galbraith travelled business class when he flew last year and racked up a flight bill of £4,278. He claimed nothing in general expenses and spent £1,028 on hotels.

A University of Portsmouth spokeswoman said: ‘The increase to the remuneration for the post of vice-chancellor brings it into line with other similar institutions. It reflects the recruitment and appointment of a new Vice-Chancellor in September 2013 and includes employer’s pension contribution.

‘The salary reflects his responsibility in managing a successful international institution with a turnover that has grown to over £217m, and has more than 21,000 students and 2,500 staff.’

In 2013/14 the average vice-chancellor in a UK university spent £9,706 on flights, of which 68 per cent were in first or business class.

They racked up an average hotel bill of £3,202 and claimed expenses of £3,113.

They were paid a salary of £260,290, which is 6.4 times more than their average staff member is paid.

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