University of Portsmouth Cosmology professor hits the jackpot for research funding

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A PROFESSOR of cosmology at the University of Portsmouth has been awarded £1.7m to strengthen the position of his world-leading research team.

Professor Will Percival is an international expert in theoretical and observational cosmology at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation.

His research is focused on understanding the properties of the universe and he leads a team of researchers examining the physics driving the evolution of the universe.

The European Research Council awarded Professor Percival the grant for five years to lead his project.

Professor Percival said: ‘This grant is my second from the European Research Council, and is designed to allow the work undertaken by my group to continue.

‘It’s a great reward that highlights the hard work that’s been put in by all of the team members.

‘Getting one of these large European Research Council grants is great.

‘Getting two sequential grants is superb.’

Professor Percival has previously won the UK Royal Astronomical Society team award and the Royal Astronomical Society Fowler Prize for individuals who have made a noteworthy contribution at an early stage of their research career, both in 2008.

He was also awarded his first European Research Council grant in 2008.

In 2007, he won the Philip Leverhulme Prize for outstanding scholars.