University of Portsmouth launches biggest ever resource for missing people in UK

RESEARCH Dr Karen Shalev Greene
RESEARCH Dr Karen Shalev Greene
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THE world’s first dedicated online resource for missing people has been launched at the University of Portsmouth.

With more than a quarter of a million people going missing each year, the Centre for the Study of Missing Persons is being hailed as a major tool for families, researchers and professionals including social services and the police.

Founder Dr Karen Shalev Greene, from the university’s Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, says this is the first time such a quantity of information has come together.

She said: ‘Most cases are solved within a year but by providing a central hub of information we can direct people to the abundance of resources, saving valuable time when it counts.’

The website, which is freely accessible but will not hold personal details, will include useful links for families such as where to get support.

It will also publish the latest research on subjects like child abduction and trafficking, running away, vulnerable adults and legislation.

Dr Shalev Greene added: ‘A great deal of excellent research exists but there’s room for more in depth studies to be done and this is another aim of the centre.’

The site will be a central point for links to specialist sites such as the UK Missing Persons Bureau, and charities like Missing People, the centre’s official partner.

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