University of Portsmouth students deleting website proves popular

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TWO students have created a one-stop website to make it easier to remove yourself from websites on the internet.

University of Portsmouth web technologies students Robb Lewis and Ed Poole designed the website after they found it difficult to remove an account with the web phone service Skype.

Their new service allows people to delete unwanted accounts without having to navigate through menus and settings.

And within a week of being launched it had already been visited by more than 500,000 people from more than 150 countries.

Robb said: ‘We saw a few tweets about how difficult it can be to delete your Skype account and then heard that Netflix won’t delete your details at all. We decided to build as a one-stop shop for people like me who get annoyed with the hoops you have to jump through to delete certain internet accounts.

‘I think in the wake of the NSA and GCHQ scandals, people are far more aware of what data they are sharing, and leaving, on web services.

‘By deleting old or unused accounts users can stop spam emails, reduce the number of apps that have access to data and generally feel safe in the knowledge that they know what is online about them.’

The site gives a directory of URL links to delete your account from over 200 different web services, marking them either easy, medium, hard or impossible.