University wins contract to help further education in UK

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THE University of Portsmouth has won a contract to work on a project aimed at transforming further education in the UK.

The £272,000 award from the Education and Training Foundation will help the university better equip teachers working in 16-19 education to implement study programmes.

Study programmes – introduced by the government in 2013 in response to a review of vocational education – are individually tailored for students.

But the Department for Education identified a need to develop teachers so that they are confident in meeting the requirements of the study programmes – which include incorporating maths and English and providing meaningful work experience.

Project leader Stephen Corbett, senior lecturer in post-compulsory education, said: ‘I’m delighted to be working on this project.

‘It’s vital that the further education sector receives this kind of investment, as it provides such a variety of opportunities to a diverse range of students.’

The university’s School of Education and Continuing Studies will investigate the challenges associated with delivering study programmes, and use the findings to design and deliver professional development for teachers.

Head of school Dr Peter Starie said: ‘Study programmes represent something of a cultural change for further education providers, as they come with some very particular requirements.’