Varied picture among Gosport schools

School heads join MP to call for fair share of funding

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THERE were mixed results for the three secondary schools across the Gosport area in GCSE and A-level results.

Bay House School saw a drop from 59 per cent to just 52 of pupils at the school achieving the ‘gold standard’ following the GCSE English controversy.

Brune Park was steady, with no change from last year’s results of 47 per cent’.

Headteacher Richard Kelly said: ‘We were particularly pleased that in the year where English was hit, we maintained that level in the gold standard.

‘So far as I know, they held up well against other schools.

‘For me coming in new, it’s a good platform to move on.’

Bridgemary School, which became an academy in September, saw a nine per cent hike, going up to 40 per cent from 31 per cent last year.