Warning as dog bites pupil at school gate

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PARENTS are being urged to keep their children away from dogs after a child was bitten outside a primary school.

The incident saw a small dog, which was tied to railings outside Whiteley Primary School in Gull Coppice, bite a child that went to pet it.

The youngster received medical attention after the bite.

Headteacher Lisa Pennington sent a message to all parents that said: ‘The owner of the dog may not be aware, but the child did require medical attention and I would hate for a similar incident to happen again.

‘We can all help to prevent a similar incident.

‘Firstly, can I ask dog owners to avoid leaving dogs tied close to the entrance of the school where great numbers of pupils and parents are moving past.

‘In school, we will be talking to the children about the importance of not approaching unfamiliar dogs unless the owner has said it’s okay, even when they appear friendly – we would suggest that parents reinforce this message to their children.’