Waterlooville mum sad daughter isn’t given dispensation over school reward

UPSET Aimie Williams with daughter Maddison Chalmers. Picture: Steve Reid (124015-570)
UPSET Aimie Williams with daughter Maddison Chalmers. Picture: Steve Reid (124015-570)
From left, Elissa Curtis, LAET Brady and Mason Parker. Picture: PO Phot Nicola Harper

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MUM Aimie Williams is upset her daughter can’t go on school trips to reward pupils for good attendance because she has to take time off for a medical condition.

Maddison Chalmers, seven, who goes to Woodcroft Primary School, Woodcroft Lane, Lovedean, suffers from dentinogenesis imperfecta, which means her teeth are extremely brittle.

Last year, pupils with 100 per cent attendance went to Birdworld, in Farnham, where the school has sponsored a penguin – a trip Maddison did not go on.

She needs to visit the dentist twice a month so an enamel coating can be put on them, and last year the youngster had four teeth removed.

Aimie, 33, a secretary, of Harkness Drive, Waterlooville, said: ‘Maddison was born with her condition and it’s hereditary.

‘She gets really upset when she can’t go on the trips.

‘Last year she had to have four teeth taken out and was off school with that.

‘Before she had them out she was in constant pain.

‘I could understand if she was off with a cold or something, but this is something she can’t help.’

The school’s governing body said Woodcroft is in special measures with attendance being a key issue.

Chairman of the governing federation Sandy Keefe said: ‘Woodcroft is a school in special measures and one of the key things is attendance.

‘It was very low here compared to similar schools.

‘It was important to get some strategy in place and support parents and children to make sure children are coming into school and on time to take advantage of learning.

‘We have developed this strategy, which has been very successful. We don’t want to disadvantage or discriminate a child.

‘I hope to work with a parent whose child has a medical condition.

‘They can make sure the appointments aren’t made in the school day, or made closer to the end of the day so an absence isn’t recorded.’