Waterlooville team raises hundreds for charity

INSPIRED Holly Phillips
INSPIRED Holly Phillips

College in running for top national awards

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INSPIRED by what she saw in Kenya, pupil Holly Phillips took part in a run to help raise thousands of pounds to support a charity project.

Holly, from Oaklands Catholic School, Waterlooville, and RE teacher Mugeni Sumba, visited Kenya with the Catholic aid agency Cafod last year.

They met people living in the Korogocho slum in the capital Nairobi and experienced life in a rural village.

Holly said: ‘Going to Korogocho, I’ve never seen anything like it.

‘It’s inhuman that people have to live with open sewers, whole families squashed into tiny rooms and managing to eat just one meal a day if they are lucky.’

She, along with five other students and five teachers, took part in the Great South Run.

They have helped to raise £10,000 in support of Cafod projects in Korogocho.