Workers juggle jobs with retail degrees

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SEVEN workers at The Southern Co-operative are celebrating their university graduation having completed a foundation degree in retailing while also working full time.

Peter Smyth, Matt Denman, Paula Hulbert, Gemma Greeman, Will Davis, Trish Buttle and James Knott graduated as part 
of The Southern 
Co-operative’s Horizon training programme.

The seven received their degree from Manchester Metropolitan University having combined remote studies with visits each term to the university over the past two years.

Matt Denman, who lives in Portsmouth, said: ‘I’m happy with the result of my retail degree.

‘The process to achieve it was both rewarding and challenging.’

Gemma, who also lives in Portsmouth, added: ‘The degree has been hard work, especially as we are working full-time whilst studying, but it was well worth it in the end.