Youngsters deserve Respect as they demonstrate talents

Some of the members of the Respect Programme
Some of the members of the Respect Programme
One of the  more unusual rafts competing in the race was this Volkswagen Beetle

THIS WEEK IN 1975: ‘Water-beetle’ seen on Southsea beach

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And the achievements of the past year were clear at a presentation evening which was held in the Victory Suite of Fratton Park.

Romany Matthews and Alex Thompson have been learning about the realities of teen pregnancy

Romany Matthews and Alex Thompson have been learning about the realities of teen pregnancy

Under the umbrella of the programme a range of educational, sport and skills courses are provided.

These include dance classes, boxing, training with the Royal Navy, and providing personal, social and health education in classrooms.

Pupils from Priory School, in Fawcett Road, Southsea, have been taking part in classes that focus on the realities of teenage pregnancies.

They included working with pretend babies that simulate what it is like to care for a newborn baby.

Romany Matthews, 14, who goes to Priory School, said: ‘Using the babies was a great way of making us realise how much work goes into looking after them.

‘I also think it’s a better way to learn because it’s more hands-on.

‘We also get outside speakers, such as teen mums, who come in and tell us about their life experiences.’

Dance group Urban Swaggers, made up of youngsters who are part of the Respect scheme, showed off their moves as part of the evening’s events.

Member Kayleigh Goodeve, 15, said: ‘I have always enjoyed dancing and started doing cheerleading.

‘Then I heard about the Respect Programme and I thought it would be a good idea to go along.

‘I’m glad I go because I feel like I’ve really achieved something and it will help me with a career in dance if I want to do that.

‘I like that the dance group is close together as well.’

Among those who attended the event were the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth Councillor Paula Riches, David Lampitt, chief executive officer of Portsmouth Football Club, members of the Royal Navy and Police Community Support Officers.

Cllr Riches said: ‘This is an absolutely brilliant scheme.

‘I have always been involved with the Respect Programme.

‘It was initially set up to keep children off the streets.

‘And it has worked.

‘Just seeing the youngsters tonight you can see how much they have learned.

‘I loved this evening to pieces.’

Mr Lampitt said: ‘This event was an opportunity for everyone involved in the programme to showcase what they’re doing and to make people recognise and realise some of the great work that goes on.’

The Portsmouth and Southsea Round Table presented a £2,000 cheque towards the funding of the programme at the event on Thursday night.

Trampoline Proficiency Awards Badges 1-10

1. Abigail Williams

2. Amelia Hughes

3. Emily Paffett

4. Emily Brookes

5. Gemma Brooks

6. Joanne Rogers

7. Katie Goater

8. Lauren Evans

9. Macey Gray

10. Maddison Carter

11. Madeleine White

12. Maedy Harris

13. Marnie Russell

14. Maya Carter

15. Phoebe Hobday

16. Scarlett Hicks

17. Sian Harper

18. Sophie Hughes

19. Walaa Ellabib

20. Zara Guy

21. Zoe Forse

22. Megan Wright

23. Chelsea Harper

24. Amber Gardner

25. Cameron Townsley

27. Kelly Paffett

Assistant Coaching Qualification

1. Chelsea Harper

2. Joanne Rogers

3. Katie Goater

4. Sian Harper

Fencing Awards

Level 1, 2 & 3 Foil

Brendon O’Brien

Connor Robertson

Emily Neal

Eloise Denyer

Freddie Harper

Georgia Miles-Keay

Harry Paffett

Hayley Hannon

Izac Mercer

Jacob Dyer

Jasminda Skeens -Garnett

James Lockyear

Josh Thomas

Jamie Denyer

Lola Bunting

Megan Cregan

Kim Dugan

Kira Martin

Kira Vallerly

Natalie Thorpe

Nathan Brown

Nathan Woods

Sam Baxter

Ethan Miles-Keay

Elliot Roach

Harvey Lloyd

Jacob Dyer

Jack Walters

Jack Hickman

Sam Jones

Shane Warner

Lauren Kew

John Daniels

Harriet Lloyd

Archery Awards

Level 1 Bronze, Silver & Gold

Level 2 Bronze and Silver

Louis Clements

James Lockyear

Sam Hookey

William Tansom

Zoe Forse

Tom Bailey

Jack Harris

Kuba Migas

Jack Walters

Will Crabbe

Jordan Chapman

Michael Chapman

Emma Hellyer

ABA Boxing Preliminary and Standard Awards

1. Gemma Newmarch

2. Zara Guy

3. Megan Maisman

4. Sadia Maishman

5. Sadie Sima

6. Kellsie Mason

7. Grace Hunt

8. Emily Owen

9. Amber Gardner

10. Amelia Hughes

11. Emily Paffet

12. Shannon Mitchell

Sport and Fitness ASDAN High Board Diving

1. George Bailey

2. Alfie Street

3. Adam Robson

4. Tony White

5. Harry Picton

6. Luke Upton

7. Aston Leigh

8. Jack Groves-Brown

9. Raymond Davies

Sport and Fitness


1. Anna Jones

2. Sarah Robertson

3. Sophie Elcombe

4. Raquel Milne

5. Nahida Begum

6. Carina Abery

7. Laura Bridgeford

8. Beth Yoeman

9. Holly McLoud

10. Georgia Kane

11. Georgia Fabian

12. Audrey Blanton

PSHE Asdan Award

Personal, Social and Health Education

1. Jasmin Dunn

2. Jamie McGuiness

3. Geogia O’connor

4. Lauren Ellison

5. Andi-Marie Robertson

6. Abbie Crook

7. Jessica Sneddon

8. Courtney Pennock

9. Aliesha Lasisi

10. Ashma Gurung

11. Carina Saul

12. Chloe Thomas

13. George Hewitt

14. Hannah Andrews

15. Jodie Perks

16. Samantha Biggs

17. Sophie Revill

Life Choice Programme

Reality of Teen Pregnancy

1. Cassandra Mitchell

2. Sarah Tobbit

3. Jasmine Ring

4.Karen Hutton

5.Rochelle Taylor

6. Charmaine White

7. Chase Rex

8. Tyler Russell

9. Molly-Mae Cumber

10. Ocean Parrack

11. Alex Thompson

12. Amber Coneley

13. Kayleigh Goodeve

14. Rebecca Emerson

15. Romany Mattews

16. Roseanna Ward

17. Rumer Shinn

18. Sheriden Harris

19. Tori Rose Smith

FA Level 1 Football Coaching Award

1. Bethan Clift

2. Billy Dolton

3. Cameron King

4. Charlotte Baxter

5. Daisy Simms

6. Dale Green

7. Daniel Moorsby-White

8. Jenny Kidd

9. Jordan Brooks

10. Louis Faith

11. Nick Simister

12. Raijant Kaur

13. Robert Davies

14. Shane Malloy

15. Tim Hopkins

16. Jamie Duncan

FA Junior Football Organiser

1. Ben Udy

2. Ben Jones

3. Benz Onnom

4. Cameron Harvey

5. Charlie Jobe

6. Declan Boyle

7. Harvey Allen

8. Matt Hennigan

9. Maz Kinahan

10. Megan Griffiths

11. Sam Prowse

12. Sophie Andrews

13. Troy Hood

Level 1 Sports Leaders Award 1. Louis Faith 2. Tim Lord Hopkins 3. Nick Simister 4. Robert Davies 5. Max Kinahan 6. John Daniels 7. Chanelle Leigh 8. Adam Robson 9. Ashton Leigh 10. George Hampson 11. Michael Marklew 12. Jack Davies

Level 1 Dance Leaders Award

1. Aimee Sutton

2. Chloe Barter

3. Amber Coneley

4. Amber King

5. April Hornsey

6. Molly Butler

7. Kayleigh Goodeve

8. Suzi McDowell

Navy Course Visit and Learn:

Louis Faith

Connor Farndell

Aaron Ray-Leitch

Henry Alden

Charyle Mercer

Shannon-Leigh Williams

Daisy Johnson

Kim Traves

Women Get Set Go

Chelsea Langdown

Daisy Johnson

Elizabeth Gorman

Georgia O’connor

One Day Certificate in Sports Leadership

Chanelle Leigh

Daniel Moorsby-White

Harvey Allen

Jamie Dunkan

Lauren Fuller

Louis Faith

Nock Simister

Robert Davies

Respectability Course – Disability and Sports Awareness ASDAN

Abby Murphy

Molly Thornton

Jessie Johnson

Rachel Wiggins

Beth Young

Jade Morris

Courtney Jones

Georgina Guest

Charlie Tanner

Lauren McDonald

Anna Money

Micheal Marklew

Sam Sahota

Stacey Hiller

Matt Baston

Adam Hiscock

Joel Forte

Tyler Russell

Carly Fewings

Molly Cumber

Christina Leaning

Chris Gibbs

Bobby Holden

Ben Bennett

Sam Baverstock

National Positive Futures Youth Advisory Board- Reporting to Home office

Jack Heasman

Demi McElvenny

Troy Hood

List of Young people who presented or performed on the celebration evening are listed below:

Dance Performance - Urban Swaggers

1. Amber Coneley

2. Amber King

3. Aimee Sutton

4. Cloe Barter

5. Daisey Oneill

6. Amelia Bartlam

7. April Hornsey

8.Kayleigh Goodeve

9. Molly Butler

10. Summer Parrack

11. Suzi McDowell

12. Florrie Toms

The young people who were presenting the High Board Diving Sport & Fitness Asdan were:

Ashton Leigh

Harry Picton

Luke Upton

Kickz Boxing Demonstration COACHES:

Paul Kapnisi - ABA Boxing coach

Louis Faith – Coach

Matt Abrams – Volunteer


Archie Gleave

Henry Bates

Joseph Audin

Maedy Harris

Mahrez Ramdane

Natalie Thorpe

Paddie Valley

Tyler Foyle

Josh Quantick

Jake Austin

Sonetti Barter

Paul Stevens – Physical Ed(Royal navy)

Kickz Presentations

Declan Boyle – U14 Boys Football

Nick Simister – U16 Boys Football

Ashton Leigh – U14 Boys Football

Owen Brown – U14 Boys Football

Daisy Johnson – U14 Girls Football

Katie Dagleish – U14 Girls Football

April Leigh – U14 Girls Football

Sammy Jones – U14

Girls Football

Coach Leadership presentation

Daisy Johnson

Micheal Marklew

Level 1 Dance Leaders Presentation

Amber King

April Coneley



Ruby Baldry

Aaron Ormon

Jack Udy

Sam Poole

Will Ingram

Beth McCleod


Natalie Dane

Kieran Redding

From Navy Course:

Charyle Mercer - 21

From Milton Cross School Inclusion:

Chloe Thomas - 13

Jodie Perks - 14

Samantha Biggs - 14

Sophie Revill – 13

From Priory School Inclusion

Alex Thompson – 14

Amber Coneley – 14

Kayleigh Goodeve – 15

Romany Mattews – 14

Roseanna Ward – 15

Sheriden Harris - 14

Coach Leadership presentation

Michael Marklew

Molly Booth

Respectability Presentation from King Richards School

Abby Murphy

Molly Thornton

Jade Morris

Charlie Tanner

Lauren Macdonald

Anna Money