Elderly Havant couple suffering nightmares after being 'deliberately' rammed off the road near Emsworth

An elderly Havant couple have made an appeal to anyone who may have seen who 'deliberately' rammed them off the road in a 'frightening' moment that has left them with nightmares. Â

Saturday, 15th September 2018, 10:33 am
Updated Saturday, 15th September 2018, 11:38 am
Graham and Pat White with their damaged Seat Ibiza

Graham White, 79, and his wife Pat, 80, who has mild dementia, were driving through Aldsworth on Tuesday afternoon behind a slow moving horse box, when their Seat Ibiza was rammed from behind by a dark green Range Rover, which then overtook and drove away from the scene.

Mr White said he and his wife were left in shock by the incident and they have been left fearing to drive again.

He said: '˜My wife and I were travelling through Emsworth, heading towards a cafe in Bosham.

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Graham and Pat White with their damaged Seat Ibiza

'˜We were driving behind a horse box, and a Range Rover appeared behind us and started tailgating us.

'˜It is a dangerous road and we couldn't go any faster, but they then deliberately rammed into the back of us, knocking us off the road.

'˜It was erratic behaviour and the gentleman in the passenger seat (in the Range Rover) gestured to us and was laughing as they drove away.

'˜We were both in shock and fear about getting in the car again.'

Mr White, who is the carer for his wife, said they were both traumatised by the incident and find themselves awake in the night unable to sleep.

He added: '˜We were both in shock, which can kill you. I couldn't make out the number plate because of the shock. It disorientates you. It was very frightening.

'˜We were very lucky that there was a nearby farm with a family who were very kind and helped us out.

'˜They gave us a cup of tea, and called the police for us. I will have to buy them a drink one day.

'˜We both went to the doctor straight away and we were lucky to come away with just shock, a dented rear bumper and a broken reflector light.

'˜I'm mostly okay now, apart from being a bit sore around the chest area, but my wife is still suffering, particularly with nightmares.

'˜We just don't know why anyone would do this to us. We have done nothing wrong.

'˜Nothing can happen to me, I have to look after my wife, who has mild dementia.

'˜We just really want the police to nail whoever did this. They could kill someone.'

Mr White said 'someone must have seen something', and appealed to anyone who was driving in the

area at the time, including the 'people in the horsebox'.

After being approached for comment, a police spokesman said: '˜Shortly after 2pm on Tuesday (September 11), police received a report of a collision in Aldsworth.

'˜The informant reported being struck from behind by a dark green Range Rover about 1.05pm, which then overtook and made off from the scene.

'˜The two vehicles had been travelling slowly behind a horsebox before the incident occurred.

'˜No number plate was provided, and the informant has been advised there are no further lines of enquiry at this stage.'

Police asked anyone with any information to report it online at https://www.sussex.police.uk/contact-us/report-online/ or call 101, quoting serial 687 of 11/09.