Elderly Portchester woman ‘has not bathed in three months’

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A FURIOUS 90-year-old has been without hot water at home since July.

Evelyn Fullbrook has 
been waiting for a new boiler to be installed since then, and is upset that nPower has taken so long to get the job done.

Evelyn Fullbrook with her daughter Gillian Hill ''Picture: Sarah Standing (151583-5925)

Evelyn Fullbrook with her daughter Gillian Hill ''Picture: Sarah Standing (151583-5925)

Mrs Fullbrook, from Portchester, said: ‘I haven’t had a shower now for nearly three months.

‘It’s frustrating as I am incontinent and I need to wash myself.

‘I can’t do it because I can’t stand and can’t walk. It’s all wrong.

‘I’m 90 years old and I’ve got things wrong with me, with my legs, feet, heart, eyes, ears and my thyroid.

I can’t do it because I can’t stand and can’t walk. It’s all wrong

Evelyn Fullbrook

‘And they’re still making me wait.’

Mrs Fullbrook shares a house with daughter Gillian Hill, 69, and her husband, Adam, 61.

They say the lack of a boiler has been a problem for them as well, but it has caused far greater trouble for Mrs Fullbrook.

Mr Hill said that after their 10-year-old boiler broke down, a friend of his told him they could be eligible for help under a government replacement scheme.

He said they applied and were told they would be able to get a new one through the firm nPower by paying about £400, which is less than a quarter of the total value.

Their old boiler was 28kw, but Mr Hill said this had never quite fitted the bill, and asked nPower if it would supply a 33kw device.

He said: ‘It’s that tiny bit too small to generate enough to run two taps at once, so it has never really done the job.’

After a series of visits to assess the situation, nPower has agreed to install a new boiler on October 15, albeit a 28kw model.

Mr Hill said it should never have taken this long to get the boiler installed.

He said: ‘It has been a ridiculous situation.’

Spokeswoman for nPower Beverley Harrington said she was sorry about Mrs Fullbrook’s situation.

She said: ‘We’re sorry to hear about the issues the family has faced waiting 
for their new boiler installation.

‘They asked for a higher capacity boiler but unfortunately this was not possible to install due to their existing heating system.

‘We’re pleased to report that they have now agreed for the original, smaller boiler to be installed and an appointment has been booked to carry this out.’